Psychological abusers

MacEwan's predators

The following MacEwan Administrators were involved in Psychologically Abusing me. Like rapists and murderers, their actions as abusers must overshadow everything else they have done. They are a disgrace to academia.

Janet Paterson-Weir

Janet Paterson-Weir (VP Academic)

A coordinator of the Psychological Abuse. Paterson-Weir kept her involvement secret so she could appear impartial. It worked. I sent expressions of concern and complaints regarding Higgins' actions, and she ignored and dismissed them.

She then lied about receiving independent reports of my guilt, and used this fabricated evidence to justify terminating me.

David Higgins

David Higgins (Dean of Arts and Science)

A coordinator and the face of the Psychological Abuse. Higgins controlled every aspect of my abuse. He knowingly and blatentlydirectly violated policies and abandoned established processes to be judge, jury, and executioner. He blatantly lied to the Harassment Investigator to justify his actions.


Patrick Sullivan (Associate Dean of Science)

Sullivan chipped away at my privileges at MacEwan: canceled my vacation days, prevented me from using my textbook in class, conducted a frivolous investigation into my teaching. He blatantly lied to the Harassment Investigator to justify his actions. Sullivan stated, "The ends justify the means.", which clearly alludes to the ultra vires actions of the Psychological Abuse.

Robert Hilts

Robert Hilts (Physical Sciences Chair)

Hilts was a friend to my face and denigrated me to others. He had his 'Circle of Friends' that he used to spread rumors and collect information. All of which was passed to Sullivan and Higgins. Hilts blatantly lied to the Harassment Investigator to justify his actions.


Brian Pearson (HR Director) and Jeff Wasalenchuk (Interim HR Director)

Rather than remaining impartial and providing guidance to Administration, Pearson and Wasalenchuk worked side-by-side with Higgins and Paterson-Weir. They attended planning meetings, communicated and investigated as required, and were in the email communication chain with MacEwan's attorney. They knew MacEwan Administrators had no justification for their actions against me, and did nothing to stop it. Indeed, they continued actively supporting the other abusers.


MacEwan's biggest failure

One person had the power to say "Stop! No more!" But that person failed to set an example. Failed to lead. Failed to protect his employees. Instead, he turned his back on his employees. This established a standard that psychological abuse is an acceptable management strategy. Others have been similarly abused. He is a failure and a disgrace to academia.

David Atkinson

David Atkinson (MacEwan President)

Atkinson became President 9 months before my forced departure. I informed him, as best I could, of what was happening to me before he arrived. When he arrived, he refused to get involved, refused to meet with me, and let the MacEwan Administrators continue their abuse. After my departure, Atkinson was provided with mountains of evidence showing egregious Administrator wrongdoing and Psychological Abuse. Atkinson had numerous opportunities to stop the abuse and make things right, but failed, Failed, FAILED. He failed and MacEwan Administration continues to abuse faculty. (I know of two others who were similarly abused after me.)

Atkinson is primarily responsible for this situation escalating to the creation of and for MacEwan becoming an ACADEMIC PARIAH.


Complicit predators

The following people, through their action and inaction, permitted and/or supported the Psychological Abuse of me and others to occur. Like the get-away driver in a bank robbery, all are equally guilty. They are all failures.

Jerry Zdril and Aimee Skye (Faculty Association Presidents)

Susan May (Associate VP Academic)

Samantha Kernahan (in house attorney)

Kernahan is an attorney with no ethics or morals. In direct violation of policy, she sat on and biased an Investigative Committee. Like Human Resources, she should be impartial, yet she failed to find legal decisions that would have exonerated me. She also failed to inform MacEwan of their ethical and lawful obligations.



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