Janet Paterson-Weir, Vice President Academic

... I will concede upset by our own legal counsel [for providing recommendations and an arbitration decision not supportive of MacEwan's decision to terminate me]. ... we have followed his advise in the past [but we're not going to now]. ... I would rather be seen to have tried in this case with a fair process[?], ... In this business, reputation is everything. — Janet Paterson-Weir (25 October 2011)

Struggling in my interaction with other Administrators, I expressed my concerns regarding their policy violations to Janet Paterson-Weir, Vice-President Academic. Below are some of these concerns.

Concerns about bullying by Hilts, Sullivan, and Higgins

Concerns regarding Higgins not following policy re his "private investigations"

Concerns regarding Higgins and an overview of the escalating events

Concerns regarding the composition and activities of the Investigative Committee

Paterson-Weir's responses dismissed my concerns. In the FOIP'd documents, I discovered that Paterson-Weir was involved in the action against me and that there was intent to not disclose her involvement, allowing her to be perceived as impartial for appeals. The FOIP'd documents also show that Paterson-Weir was involved in making decisions to not follow policy, to get an independent investigation (specifically because it was faster and because it nullified my ability to participate), strategizing ways to prevent appeals, and separating any appeals from disciplinary action. 

Strategizing my termination

Consulting with the external lawyer

Keeping Paterson-Weir's involvement secret

I was not aware of Paterson-Weir's independent investigation until informed of its conclusions in her suspension-pending-termination letter. I've never seen the report, never had an opportunity to provide input, and MacEwan has no record whatsoever of this report!  

Response to FOIP request for Paterson-Weir's independent investigation

On 08 December 2011, Paterson-Weir suspended me and informed me of MacEwan's intent to terminate me. I expressed several concerns regarding the process and her decision. I also wholly capitulated to her requirements for me to stay at MacEwan. 

Concerns regarding Paterson-Weir's decision to terminate
This document summarizes my concerns regarding the process violations and my treatment by MacEwan Administrators. 

Paterson-Weir ignored the recommendations of MacEwan's external attorney and suppressed the arbitration decision he provided.

MacEwan's ad-hoc Investigative Committee was composed of academics with little legal knowledge. This committee was subverted with MacEwan's in-house attorney. This committee was not provided with the recommendations or arbitration decision of MacEwan's external attorney, nor did the Investigative Committee inform themselves about the legal precedents surrounding plagiarism. This committee returned a split-decision and the minimal of recommendations: that I educate my self on copyright and plagiarism.

MacEwan's external attorney, who knew the scope of the allegations as exaggerated by MacEwan Administration, stated that termination was questionable. Had he known what is disclosed herein, what would his recommendation be?

Instead, Paterson-Weir used Higgins' 01 April letter, the findings of the Investigative Committee, and the findings of her independent investigation as the basis for her decision to terminate me.


I do not know what "fair process" Janet Paterson-Weir speaks of, because the actions of MacEwan Administration against me were and are anything but "fair". However, I do agree that in academia, reputation is everything.